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Join a Wellness Program!
Program Offerings:

 Golf Fitness Program

Are you a golfer or do you know someone who is?


Dr. Karen Bannon is a provider for the Titleist Performance Institute as a Golf fitness and medical pro.  The Titleist Performance Institute offers golf specific physical evaluations of the golf swing biomechanics.  The exam findings are then used to design a fitness program specific for the individual golfer. With this program the golfer can expect to hit the ball with more consistency and distance and shoot lower scores.

Bring your game to the next level by adding fitness like the pros.  Early spring is a great time to get started. 


Spring Special:

Participants will receive this limited edition hat. Supply is limited so don't wait too long.


Basic package includes:

  • Physical golf evaluation
  • Report of findings with correlation to your golf swing
  • customized fitness program
  • membership with website access to your exam findings and workout complete with videos of your prescribed exercises
  • partial insurance reimbursement may apply

golfer referral incentive:

Not a golfer?   Refer someone who is and you will receive a free adjustment.


Improve your golf game!  Here's what to expect...                            

During the initial visit a detailed assessment of the golfer's physical mobility, stability and strength related to the golf swing will be performed. Possible swing faults, a fitness program, and treatment recommendations will be discussed. (Medical insurance policies often cover this initial exam.)
A second appointment includes a report of findings, comprehensive exercise instruction and treatment for any existing injury or pain. All recommendations are specifically designed to match the needs of the individual golfer.

Additional information such as video golf swing analysis, a mental golf profile, and golf shoe orthotic fittings are also available. The program is designed to assist golfers at all levels from the professional golfer to the high-handicap Sunday golfer.

Please contact the office at 603-430-7744 or with any additional inquiries or to set up an appointment to start the program.

 An Independent Wellness Purification Program 



Take your health to the next level as you detoxify your body, clear your mind, boost your immunity and shed some pounds!

Coastal Chiropractic will provide all the essential supplements, a complete packet of detailed instruction materials as well as daily emails from Dr. Bannon as you refresh, renew and revitalize your body through a healthy 10 or 21-day cleanse. Call the office to sign-up (603-430-7744). (note: the cleanse is only available to patients of Dr. Bannon)

Here's how it works...

  • Phase I: Clearing and Lightening
Before you begin try to reduce and possibly eliminate processed foods, white flour, sugar, breads, dairy, high fat foods, caffeine, alcohol and fatty meats from your diet. Begin to shift your diet towards more whole foods: fruits, vegetables and grains. This will enhance the effects of the cleanse and minimize the side effects of the body's detoxifying mechanisms.
  • Phase II: Purification
Loosen the impurities and toxins lodged deeply in the cells and tissues and purify the digestive system by incorporating the Standard Process Whole Food Supplements (Standard Process Purification) and a diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and grains. Rich with phytonutrients, enzymes and fiber these supplements can support the body's internal waste removal systems by stimulating liver detoxification, enhancing kidney function, promoting efficient elimination, supporting lymphatic function, maintaining healthy blood, and providing antioxidant protection for cellular health. During the process Dr. Bannon will communicate with emails each day to provide lifestyle coaching and recipes.
  • Phase III: Rebuilding
Gradually begin to reintroduce foods while maintaining a diet rich in whole foods. Incorporate healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise into your living practice.

 Purification Workshops are scheduled twice a year...


Sign up for a 21-day cleanse in the Spring or a shorter, 10-day cleanse in the Fall. Dates will be posted in advance. Join us for the next session!

What can be achieved by participating in a wellness cleanse?

  • Improved mental clarity
  • Improved circulation, sleep patterns, and hormone function
  • Enhanced overall health
  • Increased energy
  • Improved overall appearance and youthful feel
  • Improved weight loss
  • Improved digestion and elimination
  • Reduced allergies, headaches and joint/muscle pain


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